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    Our Mission

    Mercy Pharmacy is an independently owned and locally operated pharmacy in Southwest Denver. We strive to provide top notch pharmacy expertise that are Fast, Friendly and Courteous. Our mission is that our patients will feel valued, honored, comfortable, and in control of their medications.


    Our care for you extends beyond putting pills in a bottle. Our pharmacist is knowledgeable about current drug therapy and disease states. We have certifications and credentials from reputable medical organizations.


    We are a one-stop for getting your birth controls. You don’t have to go to your doctor and make a second trip to the pharmacy. We also work very closely with doctors in the same medical building should you need a doctor visit. All your medical and pharmacy needs are under one roof.


    Beyond the drug therapy services, our customers are more than patients. We value you as a person. Everyone will be helped with Caring Hands.

  • Our Services


    Easily refilling your prescriptions by many methods: texting, emailing, phone call, or filling out a contact form from our website.

    Contact us and we can transfer your prescriptions from other pharmacy.



    The elderly need certain immunizations as they grow older to protect them. We offer the shingles shot for the elderly!

    When traveling to certain countries, it is important to protect you from dirty food and living conditions. We offer immunizations for travelers! We offer an analysis based on the country to which you will be traveling.

    Examples of immunization we give: flu shot, hepatitis, tetanus, pneumonia.

    Patients living with diabetes will need constant help in monitoring their medication, injecting insulin and how to maintain their glucose level. We're here to answer any questions.


    Women's Health/Birth Controls

    We offer free consultations for women’s health and birth controls.

    We can dispense birth control from our pharmacy without a doctor's prescription.

    Our Clinical Contraceptive Pharmacist is certified to review which birth control option is suitable for you. We can look for harmful drug interactions if taking together with birth controls medication.

    We can dispense your birth control on the same day,

    All consultations are PRIVATE and strictly CONFIDENTIAL!


    Multi-language Support

    Our great country has the benefit of having many cultures, languages. Our staff offer services in Vietnamese and English.

    We also offer prescription labeling in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Spanish.



    No one has time to wait for the medication to be dispensed. Our goal is to provide service as fast as we can.

    But if you decide to drop it off and come back to pick up, we will text or call you when your prescription is ready!

    Are you unable to come to the pharmacy? You are too busy with work?

    Ask us about delivery arrangements! We can deliver to your home or your workplace!


  • Consultation

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    Pharmacist Availability

    At Mercy Pharmacy, we understand you have many questions about your medicine. We are available through the phone, video chat, or even an in person consultation. It is as easy as a phone call away. We will take the time to explain what to expect with your medications.

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    Comprehensive Drug Review

    Many patients are on more than 1 medication. We provide a full review of your drug therapy to ensure appropriate and safe use. We will address any concerns about side effects from your medication.

  • How It Works



    Ask your doctor to send new prescriptions to our pharmacy. We can also transfer your prescriptions from another pharmacy.



    We notify you we have received the prescription. We arrange a pickup time with you.


    Drug Review

    We prepare the medication. We look for the best drug price for you through your insurance. Our pharmacist will check for the most effective and safe drug for your condition.


    Pickup or Delivery

    You stop by picking up the medication. Or ask us about delivery arrangements.



    It doesn’t stop there. We are available to answer any further questions from you as they arise.

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    Other Products

    We also carry and mail delivering the following products:

    • Pain Medication
    • Cold and Allergy Medication
    • Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Diabetes Supplies
    • Vitamins and Supplements
    • First-aids Items, slings, crutches
    • Infant Care
    • Durable Medical Equipment
    • For any other items, please ask us, we will special order and delivery them to you.

  • Contact Us

    Please fill out the form below, we'll contact you within 24 hours to answer your inquiries.

    2200 S. Federal Blvd #3 Denver, CO 80219
    (conveinently located in the same medical building as Hue Vo, MD; Cuong Ngo, MD; Charles Connors, DDS and Santa Fe Oral Surgery)

    Mon,Tues,Th,Fri 9-5; Wed 9-2
    720-923-6892;Text @720-260-4269
  • Meet Your Pharmacist

    Meet Your Local Mercy Pharmacist

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    Bichvan Sandie Truong, RPh PharmD

    Sandie graduated from the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy with a degree in Doctorate of Pharmacy. Her experiences include:

    • Staff Pharmacist at University of Colorado Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy serving the pain center, women’s clinic, cancer center, and the eye clinic.
    • Pharmacy Manager at Clinica Family Health Services serving the underserved population by working closely with doctors, nurses, and the leadership team to meet the needs of low income families.
    • Staff Pharmacist at Walgreens pharmacy serving patients with many types of insurance and operating the immunization center.